Last Updated: May 17, 2024

Newcastle Patio Concepts aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information; however, we direct all inquiries to third-party professionals. Our website does not directly offer home improvement services.

Third-Party Professionals

All home improvement services inquiries are redirected to third-party professionals. We strive for accuracy, but Newcastle Patio Concepts is not responsible for the actions or information provided by these contractors.

Accuracy and Completeness

While we work hard to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website at the time of publication, there may be errors or omissions. Consequently, Newcastle Patio Concepts and our third-party contractors do not guarantee the information’s completeness or accuracy.

Licensing and Certification

We do not verify the licensing, certification, or competence of contractors listed on our website. We expect contractors to provide truthful information regarding their licenses, insurance, and experience. Users should verify these details with the contractors and relevant authorities.

Agreements and Disputes

Any agreements for work initiated through our website are solely between contractors and customers. Newcastle Patio Concepts is not involved in any disputes that may arise. Disputes should be resolved directly between the parties involved.

Professional Advice

The information on our website, including services described or offered, is not a substitute for professional advice. Users should seek professional advice before using any services and entering into agreements.

Limitation of Liability

Newcastle Patio Concepts is not liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages resulting from the use of the Service or its content. This includes damages arising from errors or omissions in the content.

Content Modifications

Newcastle Patio Concepts reserves the right to add, remove, or modify content on the Service at any time without prior notice.

Viruses and Harmful Components

We do not guarantee that the website is free from viruses or other harmful components. Users should take necessary precautions to protect their devices.

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